what we do

k9 connection’s programs in continuation high schools offer teens the chance to break through learning and life barriers by training and bonding with homeless dogs. Experiential learning enables the teens to find self esteem, self determination and empathy while they in turn enable homeless dogs to develop the skills to be adopted into permanent loving homes.
Our introductory programs are limited in size and meet daily for two to three weeks. Former k9 connection graduates assist staff and volunteers as peer leaders and interns.

On the field, students learn to teach their dogs basic obedience skills using positive reinforcement as an alternative to violence.

In the classroom, accompanied by their dogs, students mirror the lessons from the dog training field: identifying goals, overcoming obstacles by staying motivated, and experiencing empathy and compassion. Classroom interactive discussions are built around applying these qualities and skills to their own lives, and to all living beings.

We continue to support our k9 alumni with monthly check backs to monitor their progress, share success stories, and offer ongoing encouragement. By holding a minimum of two sessions at our host schools per year, alumni can re-engage in the program several times.

Peer leadership and intern programs, Alumni Advocate services and k9 consulting services are also offered. Contact us for more information.


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