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k9 connection has seriously shaped the rest of my life. I was recently accepted into State University of New York at Potsdam. I am majoring in Biology. Without k9 I would be nothing but a runaway dropout!

Being in k9 connection really changed my outlook on what I would like to do in the future. Working with dogs during school really made me want to come to school. I know now that I will have a career working with dogs.

k9 connection is a wonderful way of learning new things about yourself and not just your dog. I can’t help but feel that some of my dog’s accomplishments are thanks to our teamwork. It gives you a sense of friendship, trust, and responsibility.

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I’ve learned that you should never give up when you’re physically hurt or emotionally hurt. My dog Clarke taught me just to keep going, no matter what happens.

The k9 program helped me with my goals and gave me good advice. I learned to not give up on what I want in life and it taught me how to be consistent, because without me being present my dog would be lonely.

I look more seriously at my goals because in k9 we publicly displayed and talked about our goals. That gave me the belief to take myself seriously.

I have also learned to have a great deal more responsibility for having, needing and wanting to be at school every day, on time, so I can participate in k9 connection. Rosie, sweetest dog, was strong willed. She was born with only three legs. But I realized it didn’t hold her back, so I didn’t need to treat her any differently.

My experience in k9 has been like none other. I feel proud and glad to be given the chance to save a life. Working with Winston was great and showed me how to be more patient, hard working and on time, something that helped me a lot in my own personal goals.

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