happy homes

pixie violet blue Pat
Pixie loves her new brother Charlie and he is super happy Pixie came home to live with him! Violet Blue helped k9 students in three k9 programs and found her loving home in 2011.
makena koa Pat
Makena knows her basic commands and is doing a good job coming when called. Koa graduated from two programs and found his loving forever home in 2011.
shadow foxy Pat
Shadow learned Shake and Touch in under 5 minutes! She hasn’t mastered Stay just yet! Foxy is in her new home and is able to pursue her lifelong dream: chasing squirrels!!
abby bo Pat
Abby lets everyone pet her without withdrawing. Her true personality is really coming out. Bo likes going to the dog park and would play there all day if his new family let him.
otis peyton Pat
His new family has one thing to say about adopting this shelter dog , “We love Otis!” Peyton is an incredible dog! We are so lucky to have the opportunity to care for and love him.
daisy miss stella Pat
Daisy was in three k9 connection programs and finally found her loving home in 2009. Miss Stella is so awesome we can’t imagine why anyone would have ever given her up.
louie tucker Pat
Louie was is two k9 connection programs and enjoys his new home in Bel Air. Tucker’s favorite thing to do is roll down grassy hills backwards on his back.


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